Newcomers Board of Directors and Standing Committees

We welcome all members to participate in leading Newcomers of Greater Seattle. Getting involved is a great way to meet people and generate new ideas. Our group is volunteer driven and relies on our best assets-You!

Board of Directors 2017-2018:
◦    President: Mary Ann Klosterman
◦    Vice President: Lila Finhill
◦    Past President: Lila Finhill
◦    Secretary: Kate Griffin
◦    Treasurer: Terry Constable
◦    Membership Director: Marion Earl
◦    Newsletter Editors: Anna Aubry, Jan Blaud, Helena Puche
◦    Newsletter Mailing: Kay Corbett
◦    Web administrator: Kathy Mellon-Rossi
◦    Hospitality: Jackie Schilling, Ruby Smith, Rosemary Wander  Newbie Coffee Sub-committee: Sharlene Cooper-Carmody, Carol Devers, Lila Finhill
◦    Ways & Means: Sharlene Cooper-Carmody, Lila Finhill, Mary Jane Michaels, Kay Potter, Christine Welch
◦    Luncheons & Programs: Ginny Daily, Marilyn Hanley, Nancy Thomson

Birthday Gals: Carol Holser

Book Club-First-Tuesday: Paula Whitham

Book Club-Third Wednesday: Kathy Mellon-Rossi

Book Club-Third-Thursday: Carol Devers

Book Club-Non-fiction: Nancy Shumate

Bunco: Christine Welch

Canasta: Edith Fleischer

Come for Coffee (Eastside): Ginny Daily, Susan Bernstein

Come for Coffee (Westside): Joan Stuteville

Come for Coffee (North End): Maureen Martin, Sharon McGinnis

Daytime Gourmet: Kathy Ornelas

Epicureans Gourmet: Katharine Crick

Golf: Christine Welch

Hiking: Helena Puche, Martha Philippoff

Mah Jongg: Marilyn Crawley

Mah Jongg North Side: Sharlene Cooper-Carmody

Movies: Cecilia Corey

Petite Gourmet: Paula Whitham

Pub Crawl: Paula Whitham

Soundbites: Carol Holser

Click the link below to display a compiled list of leaders and roles for 2017-2018


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